Hello Friends,


So here are the details for the Memorial Service for Medusa.


You may be wondering.... "Why is it at the club?" Well... there is a pretty simple answer. "Why not?" His legacy was in the club and everything he created had to do with a club... so that is where we shall host it! No, there will not be a body, Dave wished to be cremated and have his ashes scattered in Hawaii and that will definitely happen. We don't want this to be a sad occasion, yest we miss our friend, but we want you to be happy you had the honor to know such an amazing person. We want you to celebrate all the good that he did for everyone.


We'll be setting up the club as if we are fully open, you'll wait in line, you'll walk up that long flight of stairs... and then you'll enter the mainroom where the event will be held. Remember the good times, discuss your amazing memories amongst all of your friends, just enjoy being in an environment created by our friend Dave "Medusa" Shelton.


Now for the Important Details:


- COVID-19: Yes, we are living in this time of the Coronavirus so we will most definitely have to abide by all rules for social distancing. Yes, masks are mandatory, Yes, we will check your temperature when you arrive, Yes, you are to maintain a distance when in the club. And sadly... YES, there is a limit of 50 people in the club at one time. So starting at 7pm, we will be letting in 50 people to pay their respects and once people leave, we'll allow others to replace them. We're asking everyone to limit their time in the club to a maximum of 30 minutes - please be respectful of this time limit.


- There is a huge parking garage across the street and what I would suggest is that if you would like to continue chatting with your friends after your visit in the club, then feel free to hang out in the garage on the upper level. Just please be courteous of our neighbors.


- As our lovely Carol Johnson would say... "There is no guest list tonight". Yes, this applies to absolutely everyone. There will most definitely be a line and we just ask everyone to be patient and you'll get in. I know that many of you will try to say "I know Miguel" and well.... you have to understand that a huge portion of the people there will know me. So to make everything super simple.... please just wait in line. If you are not in the building helping with the event in some form, then please do understand that it will be easiest to wait in line.


- The bars will be open so feel free to have a drink or two. Just remember.. 30 min max for everyone, you can stay 5 mins... 10 mins..... 30 mins... but then please exit and go to the parking garage if you choose to hang around a bit longer.


- Donations for Dave's Animal Foundation: We'll have boxes set up around the club if you'd like to donate to Dave's Animal Foundation. I'm still working out the details but we'll announce the name and details at the actual event.


- We will have Face Masks available for purchase at the door but we'll only have about 450 of them available. The Face Mask will have the Medusa Logo, the Quote from Dave, and also a 3.5 inch sticker with the image as well. These will be $10 and proceeds will go to the animal foundation. (There will be a limit of 1 per person, these will sell out so in an effort to allow as many people as possible to have one, we will limit them to 1). Any volunteers that are helping out at the event will get one, but everyone else, please do understand that these are for the foundation and we will not be giving any away. (Except to family)


- Live Stream: Leroy Fields will be working on having the event live streamed for those of you that cannot attend. We'll post those details as we have them.


- DJS: Due to COVID restrictions and the limit amount of people in the building.... What I'd like to do is have ANY DJ's that wish to have their music played at the event, please email william@medusachicago.com and copy miguel@medusachicago.com and he and I will be working on the DJ Schedule. We are asking that these DJs supply a 30 minute mix of music that you specialize in or that you've played for Medusa before. Once we have all mixes, we'll make a final schedule of "DJ's" and announce the times that your set will be played. Ideally, we're looking at having the first 1.5 hours for Medusa's Sheffield DJS, the next 1.5 hours for Mission DJ's and the final slot for Medusa's Elgin DJs. If you DJ's 1 or 2 times for Dave, thank you but please do not request a set. We are looking for the residents that played for years, Teri Bristol, Psychobitch, Rockstar, John Curley, Marc Centennial (sp?) Jean Luc, Leroy, Brian Boncher, Inphinity, etc etc... If your name wasn't mentioned don't worry... you can still email me! lol. Please email us by Tuesday to confirm you would like to give us a mix and we'll need it by Thursday night at the latest. Please note: Once we get a list of all interested DJs, I'll work with the Memorial Team to see who makes the final set list, and then we'll announce it once we have the mixes.


Photos: We will have TVs set up at the club with a slideshow of photos. If you would like to send us some photos, please email them to william@medusachicago.com and we'll put them in the slideshow.


Family: The family is invited to come to the memorial from 6-7pm before the start of the event. You are certainly welcome to come during the later times as well but we wanted to reserve a specific time for family only.


Okay everyone I know this is a lot. Please read up and learn all of this so that we are good to go!


We'll see you all on the 22nd. (Doors open at 7pm... i'm sure it will probably go on til 4am so get ready!)




Miguel Ortuno